Pre-Credit /Remediation

Our Pre-Credit/Remedial program is designed to focus on the continued development and remediation of prerequisite skills needed for entry into credit courses, and/or focus on continued remediation of literacy and numeracy skills to the student’s potential.  Depending on abilities, needs and working levels, students may participate in the pre-credit program for one, two or more years. Pre-credit courses are not credit-earning courses.

Pre-credit/Remedial courses are offered in English, Math and Science or Social Science, Arts, and other curriculum areas which are offered in alternate years. Most courses are taught in parallel with, and use the credit curriculum, but proceed at a slower pace and do not cover all of the content required to earn a credit. Other courses are purely remedial and focus on decoding skills, comprehension or foundational math.  Some of our remedial programs include Direct Instruction and Lindamood Bell’s Seeing Stars and Visualizing & Verbalizing.

It is possible to be enrolled in some Pre-credit/Remedial courses, and some Credit courses.


Secondary Admissions

For more information about enrolment or to book a personal meeting and tour, please contact:

Irene McRae