Student Support

Brighton is pleased to offer a variety of supplemental progams and services to our students, and in some cases, to students outside of Brighton School.


Academic Tutoring during the School Year for current students and non-Brighton students
Individual 1:1 tutoring is available for Brighton Students during the day or after school in all subject areas.  Fees for tutoring are not included in regular tuition fees, and are charged to student accounts and billed monthly. Tutoring registration forms for current students are available from the Parent Login section of our website, under Forms (click here).  Tutoring is also available after school for students not attending Brighton School.  Please contact the school at 416-932-8273 ext.120 to enquire about our tutoring programs and fees.

Tutoring Services may be custom-developed to meet the specific needs of a student, or may be selected from some of our standard programs, such as:

Reading Decoding

  • Direct Instruction Reading Mastery, all levels
  • Lindamood Bell Seeing Stars Phonemic Awareness and Reading

Reading Comprehension

  • Lindamood Bell Visualizing & Verbalizing Comprehension Program
  • Direct Instruction Language for Learning / Language for Thinking


  • Lindamood Bell Seeing Stars Phonemic Awareness and Reading
  • Words Their Way

Language Development

  • Direct Instruction Language for Learning / Language for Thinking

Writing Skills

  • 6 Traits of Writing
  • Expressive Writing
  • Direct Instruction Reasoning & Writing

Graphomotor Skills (Printing & Cursive)

  • Handwriting Without Tears, all levels


  • Jump Math
  • TouchMath

Customized Programming

  • Based on student-specific areas of need


One-to-one social skills coaching is available from our on-staff Student Coach. Sessions are offered in independent work periods during the day, at recess or lunch and after school.


Brighton offers Social Groups several nights a week, at the Elementary, Secondary and Young Adult levels. Groups are open to students who do not currently attend Brighton, as well as Brighton students. These groups are held at Brighton School and in the community, and give an opportunity to build and strengthen basic skills and knowledge related to rules, expectations and social pragmatics including communication, conversation and group skills.  Through various recreational and leisure activities, participants will learn the foundations of team work, individual & group choices, and fairness.  Students will be able to socialize with their peers in a safe and supportive environment while acquiring knowledge and skills to further develop their social skills.  Please visit our sister website at for more information and to register for programs.


Brighton offers private, fee-based Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy Services through a private provider, as well as free in-school CCAC theraphy for students who qualify for services. Therapists work closely with teachers to integrate therapy and therapeutic interventions into the classrooms and into real-time applications. Every effort is made to schedule therapy so as not to interfere with core subjects.

Speech-Language Pathologists can assist students at Brighton School who are experiencing language learning difficulties, articulation challenges, and social communication skills challenges.  Occupational Therapists can assist children with fine motor/handwriting skills, play & socialization, organization & planning of motor skills, and use of adaptive equipment to assist in accessing school curriculum and environmental modifications in the school setting.

If you are interested in arranging therapy for your child, please contact the office at 416-932-8273 extension 120.