Strict COVID precautions in place for staff and students

With guidance from our Occupational Health & Safety Consultant, and Public Health, we’ve put a number of measures in place to create a safe and healthy environment for our students to return to, and reduce the risk of COVID infection.

Our best defense against the COVID virus is to have our families and staff be vigilant in monitoring their health, and following all the recommendations from Ontario and Toronto Public Health. We are asking both staff and students to submit daily health pre-screenings before coming to school, and we are requiring students or staff with any symptoms to remain at home and follow directions from their health care provider or Telehealth Ontario.

Our small classes have been designated as cohorts, and will not interact with each other. Separate entrances/exits, modified arrival and dismissal procedures, and separate recesses and lunches will facilitate this.

Desks in classrooms have been arranged to provide the recommended six feet of physical distancing; and all desks are provided with clear desktop barriers for both students and teachers.

Handwashing is built into the day before and after recess and lunch; and sanitizing stations are located throughout the school. High touch surfaces are cleaned with disinfectant wipes at least twice during the day, and enhanced cleaning and disinfecting is done each night. Washrooms are single use only and surfaces are cleaned with disinfectant wipes after each student use.

We are offering a simultaneous online learning option for families that wish to keep their children home for personal reasons (maybe a student or family member is in a high risk category) or because a student is staying home from school as a precaution. These ‘at homers’ will be able to access their regular, live classes from the school via Google Meet. Because we are a G Suite for Education environment, a large range of digital tools are available to make a successful learning experience for students whether in school or learning from home.

We are enjoying the school year with all of our wonderful students again. We do rolling admissions during the year, space permitting. Our Principal, Irene McRae, would be happy to meet via Zoom with prospective parents who’d like to find out about our program and school! Please send her an email to set up an online meeting: