Welcome to
Brighton School.



Please note: Brighton School is currently closed as we are follow the guidelines set by the province on Ontario due to COVID-19. 

Classes for students continue in a Monday – Friday, online format. 

While we wait for more information regarding the current school year, we look forward to September and everything resuming in a normal manner. As such, we continue to accept applications for registration of the 2020 – 2021 school year. Staff are able to meet with you online to talk about the program. Please contact: Principal, Irene McRae to set up an online meeting: imcrae@brightonschool.ca

Brighton is the leading private school in Toronto intentionally designed for elementary and secondary students with learning challenges. The profile of a typical Brighton student is one who learns best in a small group; may have an uneven academic profile; or may experience difficulty with attention, anxiety, memory, language, motivation, or social skills. They may lack confidence or have low self-esteem due to lack of success in a traditional education environment.  

Our students are first assessed and then assigned to small learning groups averaging six or fewer students, for a focus on succeeding in core subjects. Students are taught by caring, qualified, trained and experienced Special Ed teachers, who work as a team to support students and integrate their learning between subjects.  

Brighton continues to set the standard for specialized education in Toronto by using best practices, evidence-based teaching methods, and specialized remedial programs in the areas of reading decoding, reading comprehension, math and writing remediation, social competency development and organizational skills.

Technology enhances and supports student learning with iPads provided to Primary students and Chromebooks provided to Junior, Intermediate and Secondary students.  All students have email accounts with access to G Suite for Education, including Google Classroom, which is used to help students manage assignments and communicate with parents. The Read & Write Assistive Technology program is provided to all students who require assistance with spelling, word prediction or speech to text features.

Brighton is a warm, vibrant and personal school that offers all the additional elements that make for a rich educational experience – after school programming in sports, arts, music, science and technology; parent involvement; on-site tutoring; annual concerts and music nights; picnics and Spirit Days; and before and after school care.

Our Elementary Program

Our Elementary program has both small homerooms and even smaller learning groups, averaging 6 or fewer students for each core subject. Students may be placed in curriculum-based learning groups, with some individual modifications or accomodations; or may be placed in specialty remedial groups for intensive focus in an area of need such as decoding or comprehension, math skills, or writing. Because our students may have uneven learning profiles, each subject is assessed and placement is customized to the specific needs of each student. Continuous monitoring and assessment, as well as communication with parents ensures that students are progressing. Students may be moved to different groups through the year as their progress and needs dictate.

Our Secondary Program

Brighton’s innovative Secondary program is designed to address the needs of students who would have difficulties meeting the demands of a typical high school program and social environment. Smaller class sizes and fewer transitions supports students who may have challenges with social skills, self-regulation or work habits. Our individualized programming provides accommodations and learning strategies throughout classes.

Brighton offers a unique three-stream program for high school:

    • Credit courses designed for students who would benefit from the slower pace of extended “full year courses” rather than semestered courses; or those who may want or need a reduced workload of secondary credits.  
    • Pre-credit courses for students working towards enrolling in credit courses but who require a year or two of remediation or skills-building
  • Alternative non-credit courses focusing on building functional skills in language, literacy, numeracy, and general knowledge, as well as social skills and independence.  

Students may enrol in all credit, all non-credit, or a mixture of credit, pre-credit and non-credit courses.