Summer & School Year Tutoring

1:1 tutoring is available during the school year and in July for students both within and outside of Brighton School. Tutoring is provided by Brighton trained staff, and is available for all grades in all subjects.

During the school year, tutoring is available both after school and at some times throughout the school day.

During July, tutoring is offered in the morning, between 9:00 – 1:00.

During the school year, our tutoring packages are available either by the term or for the full year, with a choice of 1 – 5 days per week, with variable rates depending on the number of sessions and term selected. During the summer, tutoring minimums are 10 sessions/two weeks.

We offer tutoring in all subject areas. Here are some of our most our most popular:

  • Reading Decoding & Comprehension using Direct Instruction Reading Mastery
  • Comprehension practice using Lindamood Bell Visualizing & Verbalizing program
  • Math Skills
  • Writing
  • Digital Literacy / Assistive Technology
  • High School credit programs

We would be pleased to customize a program to fit your child.

Please email our Principal, Irene McRae, to discuss your child’s academic support needs and to arrange a tutoring program that best supports your child’s learning needs.