Secondary Program

Brighton’s innovative high school program is designed to address the special learning needs of students who would have difficulties meeting the demands of a typical high school program and social environment. Brighton offers a unique three-stream high school program for students with learning disabilities. Select courses from one stream, or customize a combination schedule of credit, pre-credit and alternative courses to suit your needs:

Credit courses are designed for students who would benefit from the slower pace of extended “full year courses” rather than semester courses; or those who may want or need a reduced workload of secondary credits.

Pre-credit courses are designed for students working towards enrolling in credit courses but who require a year or two of remediation or skills-building.

Alternative non-credit courses focus on building functional skills in language, literacy, numeracy, and general knowledge, as well as social skills and independence.

Key Features

Our Secondary school programs for students with special needs feature small class sizes with approximately 6 students per class, and fewer transitions to support students who may have challenges with social skills, self-regulation or work habits. Our individualized programming provides accommodations and learning strategies throughout classes. Our timetable is a weekly schedule, instead of a rotary schedule, which supports organization, time management and planning skills.  Courses are taught at a slower pace, with more academic, social, and homework support.

Technology in the Classroom

Brighton is a G Suite for Education environment. Students in the Credit and Pre-credit program are required to bring their own laptop or Chromebook for use in class. Students in the Alternative program have Chromebooks provided and assigned to them. All students have email accounts with access to Google Classroom so that students can complete and submit assignments online. The Read & Write Assistive Technology program is provided to all students who require assistance with spelling, word prediction or speech to text features.

Email our principal Irene McRae to learn more about our High School Programs!