Special Education School for Students with Learning Disabilities

Brighton is the leading private school for learning disabilities in Toronto intentionally designed for elementary and secondary students with learning disabilities. Brighton has set the standard for special education schools in Ontario for the past 18 years. We use best practices, evidence-based teaching methods, and specialized remedial programs in the areas of reading decoding, reading comprehension, math and writing remediation, and social competency development.

Brighton is a warm, vibrant and personal school that offers all the additional elements that make for a rich educational experience – after school clubs in sports, arts, music, science and technology; parent involvement; on-site tutoring; annual concerts and music nights; picnics and Spirit Days along with before and after school care.

The profile of a typical Brighton student is one who learns best in a small group; may have an uneven academic profile; or may experience difficulty with attention, anxiety, memory, language, motivation, or social skills. They may lack confidence or have low self-esteem due to lack of success in a traditional education environment.  

Our students are first assessed and then assigned to small learning groups averaging six or fewer students, for a focus on succeeding in core subjects. Students are taught by caring, qualified, trained and experienced Special Ed teachers, who work as a team to support students and integrate their learning between subjects.  

Technology enhances and supports student learning with Chromebooks provided to Elementary and Secondary students.  All students have email accounts with access to Google Classroom so that they can complete and submit assignments online. The Read & Write Assistive Technology program is provided to all students who require assistance with spelling, word prediction or speech to text features.

Call or email us today to find out how Brighton can make a difference in your child’s learning and growth.

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