Admission FAQs

When should I apply?

As soon as possible. Brighton is a small school with a strong yearly re-enrollment, so there are limited spaces available each year.  Many families start to look for a new school in the fall and winter of the year before entry. We do receive and consider applications in Term 3 and even during the summer months.

Do you only take students in certain years, or “entry years”?

No, each year we take in students at every grade level.

Do you accept students once the school year has begun?

Yes, we are happy to accept students during the school year if we have space available. If things are not working at the current school, we’d rather have the student come to us sooner than wait until the start of a new school year!

What will my child experience in the Assessment process?

The student assessment is a short – usually about an hour, or less for primary students. After reviewing the documentation supplied by the family (Report Cards, IEP, Psycho-Ed Reports if available), the Principal will conduct some basic placement tests in reading, comprehension, writing, and math in order to determine the best class and Learning Group placement for the student.

How do you select students?

Once we have completed the assessment process, we consider how well our program can meet the needs of the prospective student. We also look at the fit with other students in the classes and Learning Groups and the amount of support a student may require. We expect our students to be able to work effectively in small groups and to be able to work independently for a period of time, relative to their age.

What kinds of students attend Brighton?

Brighton is an inclusive environment. Most of our students have an LD (Learning Disability) diagnosis and are generally a year or two behind their grade academically in some or most of their subjects. They may also be ahead of their grade in some subject areas. They generally have an ‘uneven learning profile.’  We do include some students who may be further behind, or who require a little more support. Our students have various diagnoses, but to us they are individuals who benefit from the unique, individualized programming available at Brighton.

Do you have bursaries or subsidies available?

We offer limited tuition bursaries for qualifying families and we are willing to discuss a payment schedule.

Do you have parents who I can call for references about the school?

Yes, we have current parents who would be happy to speak with prospective parents about Brighton.  We would be pleased to provide contact information to you during our meeting.

Do you allow students to have Education Assistants?

We will occasionally consider an Education Assistant for a student on a case-by case basis.