Welcome to Brighton!

Our ‘Balanced Day’ schedule with two well-spaced 45 minute breaks (instead of short 15 minute recesses) helps keep our students at a consistent energy and attention level throughout the day.  After school clubs that allow students to experience a wide variety of different sports and arts activities, and are designed to build skills, friendships, teamwork and self-confidence.  A social skills program.  In-house tutoring.  Speech and OT services.  Dances. A large, bright gymnasium.  A stage.  A great playground.  A parking lot.  A before and after school care program.  Great students and parents.  Come and visit us to experience Brighton for yourself!

Start Where the Kids Are!

Sounds simple, but most schools expect students to modify themselves for the curriculum.  Children with academic challenges need help in closing the gap between where they are and where they need to be.  At Brighton, both content and instructional approaches are tailored to address personal learning gaps.