Pre-Credit Program

Our Pre-Credit program is designed to focus on the development of prerequisite skills needed for entry into credit courses; and/or focus on the continued remediation of literacy and numeracy skills. Depending on abilities, needs and working levels, students may participate in the pre-credit program for one, two or more years. Pre-credit courses are not credit-earning courses.

Pre-credit courses are designed for students who are working 2 – 3 years below grade level, and have an emphasis on practical, hands-on, experiential learning.

Pre-credit courses are offered in English, Math, Science, Social Science and the Arts. Most courses are taught in parallel with, and use the credit curriculum, but proceed at a slower pace and do not cover all of the content required to earn a credit. Other courses are purely remedial and focus on decoding skills, comprehension or foundational math.  Some of our remedial programs include Direct Instruction and Lindamood Bell’s Visualizing & Verbalizing comprehension program.

Students may enroll in a combination of Pre-credit, Credit or Alternative courses, for a customized program. Brighton’s programs are structured so that students are not limited by their starting place, or pace.