5 Issues in Special Education that are Currently Trending

Special needs schools face the constant challenge of remaining up-to-date in the face of ongoing developments in special education. As our understanding improves and new techniques are pioneered, we have to adjust, but progress also comes with new challenges and issues to be managed.

Current issues for schools with learning disabilities to consider:

1. Early Intervention and Prevention

The earlier a child can be identified as having special educational needs, the easier it is to put appropriate support in place. With our increasing understanding of conditions such as autism and intellectual disability, early diagnosis and intervention should be possible. Children who receive support earlier will be able to develop better-coping strategies to deal with the world and will be more confident, with less risk of depression, anxiety and other conditions. This means they are less likely to need intensive support in future.

2. Individual Learning Plans

Individual learning plans have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are an acknowledgement that every student has different needs, allowing support to be tailored to their specific goals. In some cases, this might include further education, career prospects, or the ability to live independently. There are now also attempts to enable students to be more involved in the development of these plans, giving them a voice and a certain amount of control in decisions about their own lives.

3. Assistive Technology

One of the greatest advantages of special needs education in the modern world is the rapid rate at which assistive technology is improving. Devices to help with communication, socialization, sensory issues and mobility issues make the world much more accessible to many children, especially those with the most severe developmental delays. Although it can be challenging for teachers to keep up with the pace of change, the benefits for students can be immense.

4. Trauma-informed Approach

Learning disabilities are not the only challenge for students in special education. Many are also dealing with other issues, such as depression and anxiety. The modern world seems to be in a constant state of crisis and children with autism, cognitive impairments and other disabilities are particularly at risk in these situations. Teachers need to know how to deal with the aftereffects of trauma and how to help children who are dealing with poverty, abuse, homelessness, serious illness and other major problems that may impact them even more than they would children without special needs.

5. Inclusivity

This is more of a persistent issue than a recent trend. When do children with learning disabilities and special needs require their classrooms, and when can they be integrated into general education classes? How do we balance their specific and sometimes complex needs with the desire for and benefits of inclusivity? It is an ongoing question that is often dependent on the individual people involved.

Special education is one of the most rapidly developing fields in education. To provide students with the best education and support, schools for learning disabilities need to keep up with the latest research, techniques, and technology. The general trend is to ensure that children are treated as individuals, that their needs and goals are acknowledged, and to use that to inform any future planning.

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