Make a Difference in Your Child’s Growth and Education with Brighton School

Children with learning challenges deserve a top education just like everyone else, but it can be difficult to decide just where your child should attend school to ensure this happens. There are other special needs private schools in Toronto, but Brighton School is uniquely positioned to help your child with learning challenges succeed inside and outside of the classroom.

We have dedicated, experienced staff

Our caring and trained Special Education teachers have the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to help your child grow and develop in school. When a child with learning challenges has access to a teacher who fully understands those challenges and knows how to help them learn, it can make a real difference in the outcome of that child’s instructional experience.

We follow the Ontario Curriculum

The Ontario Curriculum is the outline of the current learning expectations and requirements for elementary and secondary schools in the province. At Brighton School, we follow this curriculum but have made necessary modifications to ensure the learning challenges of each of our students are met.

Our classroom sizes are limited

Children who have learning challenges often do their very best when they are part of small classrooms. In a larger classroom, a teacher may not have enough time or attention to give a child who needs additional help. At Brighton, we limit learning groups to six or fewer students on average, helping to ensure our team of teachers has the time and focus needed to help your children learn and understand.

We employ the latest educational technology

Technology has improved many areas of life in Canada, and education is no exception. Our students receive Chromebooks and will have access to Google Classroom for online homework submission. We also provide any student who needs help with word prediction or spelling or needs speech-to-text services with access to our Read & Write Assistive Technology program.

We offer a comprehensive experience

School isn’t just about textbooks. A rich educational experience involves several elements, and at Brighton, we strive to ensure your child’s experience is a collective effort. We offer clubs after school in arts, music, science, sports, and technology and hold school events such as our Spirit Day, music nights and annual concerts. We encourage parent involvement and offer tutoring and other services, such as speech therapy, right on site. This approach allows your child to enjoy their school experience and receive access to the services they need all in one place.

For a small additional fee, we also offer care before and after school. This care program can be used regularly or just occasionally, when you need it.

Choose your special needs private schools in Toronto carefully

With special needs private schools in Toronto, it’s important that you select the right one for your child so they can learn, grow and develop. A poor school experience doesn’t just set your child back in their education–it can also make them less enthusiastic about school and learning in general, which has a direct impact on their education. At Brighton School, we have the educational team and tools in place to ensure your child will succeed.