A Quick Guide to Special Education for Children

Understanding just what a child needs to succeed in an educational setting is at the top of the list for any special education program. Knowing that every child is unique and has specific, individualized needs and learns in their own special way is the basis of understanding how to best teach them. At Brighton School, this means a flexible and comprehensive approach that uses innovative, technology-enhanced active learning that covers more ground in ensuring each child’s needs are met in every way possible.

Finding a suitable program

Mainstream schooling can sometimes be overwhelming for a student with specific special needs. They may get lost along the way, with their needs not being fully met, and they often get left behind and end up feeling discouraged. Finding a school with various programs that celebrate each child’s unique talents, skills and learning approach can really go a long way toward setting them up for a happy and healthy educational setting and positive attitude toward learning that continues throughout their academic career.

From reading and writing to math, there is a lot of ground to cover in the curriculum of today’s students. Finding a setting like Brighton School that has intentionally designed programs with a hands-on and fun learning environment that reaches each child is essential.

A flexible special needs education setting

In today’s uncertain times, many long-term plans need to be set aside to make way for last-minute changes. Thankfully, Brighton School has a plan for how to handle any situations where schools need to be closed for any length of time. Being able to tweak things on the go and still have the core of their teaching method on display virtually is truly helpful for creating a seamless transition.

Even though classes do not need to take place solely online at the moment, having a flexible option available for families is important for minimizing disruptions and ensuring uninterrupted access to education. This means having options for live, in-person classes as well as virtual classes that still allow students to be a part of the class from home.

Uniquely talented

Every child is unique in many ways. Children who have learning difficulties may face additional challenges when it comes to learning, but that shouldn’t hinder their other skills. Finding ways to help each child shine as brightly as they can is so important for the success of their education. Using the TEAL approach for interactive learning is one great way to help everyone shine in their own way.

The TEAL approach stands for Technology Enhanced Active Learning, and it entails innovative teaching methods that help children use every part of themselves to understand their lessons. TEAL is far from being just about computers. It is about using technology actively with students to facilitate participation with learning online in an individualized way. Some children may be more tactical or visual, while others need more time to take in information. Whatever the case, Brighton School will find a way for each child to learn and grow in a safe and healthy educational setting. The students here in this school are first assessed and accordingly assigned to learning with Chromebooks. All students will be provided with email accounts that will have direct access to Google classroom for students to submit their assignments online.