Secondary Credit Program

Brighton offers 4 – 5 credit courses per year, selected from Locally Developed, Open or Workplace Courses.  Our courses are run on a full-year schedule, instead of semesters, which allows for better consolidation and retention of concepts. Courses are taught at a slower pace, with more academic, social, and homework support. Brighton is a Ministry of Education inspected school.

Our credit program allows students to earn up to 14 credits towards an OSSC (Ontario Secondary School Certificate). Students earning less than 14 credits will be awarded a Certificate of Accomplishment. For students who wish to do more than 4 or 5 credits in a year, Brighton can support in-school ILC (Independent Learning Centre) courses.  Students may take six years to complete their credits.

Note that students in the credit program are also able to select courses from the pre-credit and alternative programs for a customized schedule. Brighton’s programs are structured so that students are not limited by their starting place, or pace.