How Special Needs Independent Schools Make a Difference with Education

Learning disabilities can manifest in a variety of ways, but in many cases, they mean that children need a little extra support in reaching their full potential. Special needs independent schools are one way that students can receive an education and day-to-day support targeted to their individual needs. 

What are special needs independent schools?

Special needs schools are institutions designed for children with learning difficulties who might struggle in mainstream schools. Because they are independent, they have the flexibility to design a curriculum tailored to the individual needs of a diverse range of students. Teachers at these schools have specialist training in working with students with learning disabilities. A school like Brighton School will ensure they follow best practices and employ evidence-based teaching methods and specialized remedial programs. 

Learning in these schools is often provided in small groups or even one-on-one tutoring to ensure each child can be given individualized focus. These smaller groups benefit those that may struggle with concentration, motivation or anxiety. Expert tuition can be given in basic skills areas such as reading, writing and math, often with specially developed assistive technology. Children can also receive support in other areas, such as communication and organizational skills.

What are the advantages?

In addition to the more individualized support, special needs schools allow children to develop at the pace that best suits them. There is less worry about falling behind the other students or having to reach a certain level by a certain age. These schools also give students the opportunity to learn in an environment where they are surrounded by their peers. Instead of being an isolated person with a certain disability, everyone has similar needs and so it may be easier to make friends.

Smaller classes also make it easier to track performance. Teachers can more closely observe students and assess their progress throughout the year. Adjustments can then be made to the pupils’ learning plans whenever necessary. Having fewer students also means it is easier to maintain communication with parents.

How does this affect educational achievements?

Altogether, schools designed for students with learning difficulties can help them reach educational milestones that may have once seemed out of reach. It starts with helping children master basic literacy and numeracy skills through specialized tuition tailored to their individual needs. These skills can then be used as the basis for more advanced learning. For some children, it will allow them to obtain or even surpass their expected grade level. Even if they do not, it will maximize their learning potential and be a more positive schooling experience.

The learning experience is also improved through non-academic studies, such as the teaching of organizational skills. This will allow pupils to better plan their time, including areas such as homework and reviewing material. Communication and social skills enable children to interact more with both teachers and peers, which can generally lead to improved performance in all areas of life, including education. Just being able to ask for and receive help can make a big difference. The individualized and specialized support that can be provided by special needs independent schools allows children to develop the skills they need to thrive. From practical, everyday skills in organization and communication to more specific academic tuition in literacy and numeracy, these schools enable students to improve their educational performance and maximize their potential.

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