Why we love Kahoot!

Kahoot is a great way to get students engaged in a fun way! Kahoot is a customizable online trivia game where students can join through their laptops or on their phones. Teachers are able to customize questions into a multiple-choice game, or they can choose from ready-to-made games. The questions can either be Multiple Choice or True/False questions, you can add pictures or even background music to your Kahoot!

Here are some of the ways we like to use Kahoot:

  • Daily recap of the lessons of the day
  • Review for tests
  • A way to introduce/gage how much students know of a new topic before teaching the lesson

Students can customize their own nicknames and see who answers the questions first. Kahoot also provides statistics on how many questions were answered correctly to keep the teacher aware.

Kahoot is great way to reinforce knowledge through repetition, encourage friendly competition amongst classmates, and helps for those who are visual learners.