Do you follow the Ontario Curriculum?
Yes. Our elementary programs follow the Ontario Curriculum with some modifications to meet each student’s particular learning challenges.  Our fully inspected and accredited Secondary programs follow the Ministry of Education standards and Ontario Secondary Curriculum requirements.

Do you offer before or after school childcare?
Yes, we offer Before School Care and After School Care daily.  Before School Care runs Monday to Friday, from 8am – 8:30 a.m., until our regular school supervision begins.  After School Care runs from 3:45pm – 5:30pm each day. There is a $7.50 fee for Before School Care and a $15/hour fee for After School Care. Parents may use the program on a regular or occasional basis. Before and After Care fees are charged to students’ accounts and billed monthly.

What transportation options are available? 
We’d be happy to provide you with a list of several transportation companies that include Brighton School on their routes.  

Do you have a lunch program?
Students bring their own packed lunches from home daily, and are welcome to use classroom microwaves (with supervision) to heat up their lunches.

Do you have a newsletter?
Yes, our Brighton Update Newsletter is published monthly and distributed to parents and students.

Do you take children with special needs?
Brighton supports meaningful integration of students with different abilities. Brighton will consider students who require a higher level of support such as 1:1 or 1:2 teaching assistance on a case-by-case basis.

Do you have a religious affiliation?
No. Brighton is a non-denominational, co-educational school. We celebrate the holidays of all the students who attend the school.

Do you offer instruction in the Arts?
Yes! We include visual arts, music and drama in our curriculum. Our December Concert is an absolute don’t-miss event!

Do students have access to computers and assistive technology?
Yes, all students have Chromebooks to use throughout the day. Read & Write Assistive technology is built-in to students’ accounts, and is available to all students as needed. This includes speech to text, predictive text and read-aloud.

Can my child receive occupational therapy services or speech and language services at your school?
Brighton offers private, fee-based Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy Services through a private provider, as well as free in-school CCAC therapy for students who qualify for services. Therapists work closely with teachers to integrate therapy and therapeutic interventions into the classrooms and into real-time applications. Every effort is made to schedule therapy so as not to interfere with core subjects.