Elementary Curriculum for Students with Special Education Needs

Brighton introduces special needs education courses following the Ontario Curriculum in all subject areas. We enhance learning with the use of several specialty programs designed for students who have difficulties in various subject areas. We’re committed to using best-practices, evidence-based teaching methods and materials for our students with special needs within classroom. Highlights of some of the specialty programs we use include:

For Reading Difficulties

Reading Mastery is the main reading program that we use at Brighton. This well-researched, evidence-based Direct Instruction program uses structured and carefully sequenced daily lessons that build on skills and concepts taught from one lesson to the next. Content is taught to mastery and placement tests ensure that students start in the correct program, and at the correct level for their abilities. Frequent check-outs ensure that individual students do not fall behind. Brighton uses a number of programs in the Direct Instruction family, to meet student needs, including Corrective Reading Decoding; Corrective Reading Comprehension; Language for Learning; Language for Thinking; and Reasoning & Writing.

For Comprehension Difficulties

The goal of learning to read is to get meaning from the text. Some students are good to great decoders, but struggle to understand what they are reading, and can’t answer questions involving higher order thinking (such as inferencing, prediction, or problem solving). We use the Lindamood-Bell Visualizing & Verbalizing comprehension program, which considers a weakness in concept imagery to be a primary cause of comprehension difficulties. The V/V program in classes helps children with special needs develop this skill, which improves comprehension.

For Difficulties in Math

We offer both special education classes and curriculum-based math groups for student working at or close to grade level; and remedial math groups for students who are working below grade level. TouchMath is a multi-sensory math program used in the early grades, where students are taught to use ‘touch points’ to see, say, hear and touch numbers in order to develop concepts. JUMP Math is used as a base math program in all curriculum-based classes.

For Struggles with Social Skills

Does your child find it difficult to make or keep friends? Are they confused by social rules? Are they missing social cues? Do they find it difficult to be flexible? Our Social Education curriculum incorporates Michelle Garcia Winner’s ‘Social Thinking’ framework and strategies, which focus on developing social cognition skills. Taught in Social Ed classes using games and role plays, concepts are coached and facilitated by staff throughout the day.

For Challenges with Planning, Organizing & Executive Functioning

Students with ADD or ADHD often struggle with self-motivation, starting tasks, retaining concepts in their working memory, planning and problem-solving and self-regulation. Various approaches are built in to our classes to support each of these issues – from our structure to our teaching methods to our reinforcement program.

Technology & Digital Literacy:

Brighton is a G Suite for Education Environment. All of our students are given use of personally-assigned Chromebooks with school email accounts. They have access to all of the Google Suite of products including Google Docs, Slides, Forms, etc. Teachers use Google Classroom to assign work digitally, which automatically emails summaries of assignments to parents. All students have access to Read and Write Assistive Technology, and Kami, which allows students to complete and submit worksheets online. Classrooms are equipped with big-screen TVs with Chromecast to make modelling and group work much easier.

Prize Day!

Everyone needs encouragement. Brighton teachers focus on providing lots of positive reinforcement throughout classes – they award dojo points for effort, attention, following directions, doing good work, and being a good and kind friend. Then, once a week, students can ‘cash in’ their points to earn a prize or save their points for a later time to cash in a bigger prize! Friday is Prize Day at Brighton!

Weekly Schedule

Brighton uses a weekly schedule rather than a rotational schedule to better enable students to organize and keep track of their daily lessons.

Please contact our Principal, Irene McRae, to arrange a meeting to find out more about Brighton and how we can help your child.