How Learning Disabilities Programs are implemented by Brighton School

The best elementary schools for autism are those that offer the kind of specialized support that allows each individual pupil to learn and grow effectively. A good learning disabilities program will acknowledge that each child has individual needs and should move at their own pace, incorporating social and life skills as well as academic learning.

Features of learning disability programs at the best elementary schools for autism:

Individualized support

The most important thing when teaching children with autism or other learning disabilities is recognizing that each child is an individual, and while they may have similarities, their educational requirements will vary. An Individual Education Plan allows teachers and parents to communicate regarding specific learning outcomes and how to achieve them, adapting for individual differences and changing circumstances. Lesson formats can be varied depending on the needs of different students.

Small class sizes

To ensure support can be made more personalized, class sizes should be relatively small. Brighton School does offer some one-on-one tutoring,but even our largest academic groups are no more than six students. This means the teacher can focus on each child and adapt their lessons to individual needs. It also means a less stressful environment for the child.

Academic education

Learning disabilities programs cover all the basic functional skills in reading, writing and math. Reading Mastery, the Lindamood-Bell Visualizing & Verbalizing comprehension program, TouchMath and JUMP Math are all evidence-based programs that are carefully tailored to children’s current ability level.

Social education

Many children with autism and other learning disabilities struggle socially as well as academically. Brighton School offers Social Ed Classes, where children can learn about different social situations and settings and the various appropriate responses. This could include role play and other games to make the experience more enjoyable.

Executive functioning

Lessons in organization, time management and other areas of executive functioning are incorporated into our other classes so children with learning disabilities can master these important skills for daily life.


Our timetables are designed to enable children to maximize their performance. Many children with autism and other learning disabilities benefit from fixed and predictable routines. At Brighton School, every day and week is scheduled to include all necessary lessons, but also allows for plenty of time for play and relaxation. Even academic lessons provide the opportunity to improve social skills or executive functions. 


Every child at Brighton School has their own Chromebook, and we use various technology programs to aid with communication and comprehension while allowing students to submit work online.

Communication and assessment

Ensuring that a learning disability program is successful means being able to assess and review its progress, in relation to stated goals. We communicate regularly with parents regarding their children’s expectations and needs, and we use these interactions to create lesson plans. We then regularly assess performance throughout the year, adjusting education plans where necessary and ensuring parents are fully informed about their child’s progress. Brighton School is the best elementary school for autism because of the way it incorporates these criteria into its learning disabilities program. Every pupil is treated as an individual and all classroom processes are adapted to meet their specific needs, whether academically or socially.

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