Learn about why we play REP Games!

What are REP Games?

REP stands for Recess Enhancement Program. The curriculum is from Asphalt Green and it features more than 150 games and activities for students to play during recess. The games are appropriate for different ages, can be played indoors or outside, and uses little to no extra equipment. Games can be tailored to any student, space or situation so no one is left out.

Benefits of REP Games:

  • They are designed to include every kid and ensure equal participation. The kids never pick teams themselves or get ‘out’ of the games.
  • They get these kids to move to ensure they are getting the exercise they need. It also helps get all their energy out so when it’s time to go back to the classroom they’re focused.
  • Creates recess routines for students
  • Encourages all students to be active no matter their age or ability
  • Promotes conflict resolution skills through play
  • Gives students the skills to see any environment as one they can be active in